Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

It's Thanksgiving time, friends, and we have so much to be thankful for! Andrew and I were asked to be the godparents of Ashley and Clayton's new addition, expected in May! How exciting!! I tear up just thinking about that beautiful baby! The weekend before Thanksgiving we had our now annual Friends Thanksgiving at Louie and Crystal's (aka Salami Mommy) house. Crystal will be forever known as Salami Mommy since her very sleepy daughter, Raina, called out to her in the middle of the night for "salami mommy, bring me some salami!" Refined midnight snacking tastes for a 3-year-old. Her mother delivered a salami and cheese platter to her bedroom at 1 in the morning.
Friends Thanksgiving was a grand success. Andrew and I brought Cheryl Potatoes, recipe courtesy of his Aunt Cheryl...try it sometime! Sautee an onion in one stick of butter, then dump the mixture over a bag of frozen tator tots, mix in a tub of sour cream, some cheddar cheese, and cream of mushroom soup. Season with salt and pepper, mix well, and then put in a 9X11 and cover with cheese. You will not be sorry, but your heart might! During the Thanksgiving festivities, I thought of a great idea with Jeannette and Nathan...start attending events that are advertised as "open" on Facebook, make some new friends, eat some new friends' food, and blog about our experiences.
The next weekend (Real Thanksgiving) was wonderful as well. John, Sarah, and baby Charlotte came over after I got home from work on Wednesday. We drank some Fat Tire from cans and ordered the 6-person Dance Party from Btown Pizza. We laughed it up and had a grand time, especially when we were joined a few hours later by Emily and Peter. The next day we went to my Mamaw and Papaw's house for a tasty lunch and then went home and put up our Christmas trees; one in the dining room and one on the front porch. The next day we went to the Bloomington downtown lighting ceremony with Emily, Peter, John, Sarah, and Charlotte. Oh, and we were asked to be Charlotte's godparents too so we christened her in the kitchen, as seen below. Good Thanksgiving times with great friends!

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