Monday, January 3, 2011

Kansas City Here I Come

I went on my first solo business trip to Kansas City during the first week in December. I am training for my new job with the UNICEF group. Andrew encouraged me to go to the hotel bar at least once and make some new friends. It was weird at first but then I met some great people, who agreed to take a picture with me after several rounds of "Christmas drinks." Before tonight we didn't even know Gingerbread vodka existed. New friends include: Christmas drink menu creator and aspiring Delta flight attendant, an independent filmmaker most known for his Ike and Dick presidential documentary on the History channel, and a computer-programming businessman who liked to say "bless your heart" a lot. Tonight I learned to talk to the people around me, because they all have good stories to tell.

Union Station is linked to the hotel I stayed in. It looks really wonderful and Christmas-y, and makes me want to hop on a train to the North Pole!

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