Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pendant le Weekend

When I was in French class, we always had to write about what happened Pendant le Weekend. Pendant last weekend, I made caramel corn puffs courtesy of Ashley's recipe. These things are like caramel -covered crack and they contain a stick and a half of butter, so I was happy for any excuse to make them. I took them to a tailgating with coworkers event, which was a lot more fun than it sounds. I don't think I ever tailgated in college, so now I need to make up for it. I was introduced to the "paloma," which is basically made by mixing Fresca, tequila, and lime. At one point in the day I announced that I would never drink anything that was not a Paloma ever again. Don't trust me though, I'm fickle; I've said the same thing about Manhattans, Pomegranate martinis, and PBR. Someone gave me a youth ticket to the football game, so I participated in my first college football game too. After several Palomas, I enjoyed this to the fullest. Let me tell you, I made some friends. I think. The night ended by drinking lots of water and going to the Irish Lion with some great friends.

On Sunday, Maxy and I went to the dog park, where he made several new friends. He especially likes Great Danes, and I always worry that they will accidentally step on him. We hiked around Lake Griffey and he scruffled until his fur turned brown and filled with burrs. Then my brother and I went to my cousin Brandy's housewarming party, where we met Trixie, my aunt's sweet new Westie puppy. She was inspired by Maxwell's sweetness and had to have one of her own. This puppy picture begs the question; would it be weird if I tried to contact Maxwell's original owners and asked for some baby pictures?

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