Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Honeymoon #2

Okay, so I was going to detail every day of our honeymoon, but that seemed like a daunting task so I will now describe the rest of the honeymoon in a nutshell. The day after we arrived, I went for a jog with Chad and Dan's dog, Eno, and got a bit turned around. This happened the last time I visited Chad also. Eno and I roamed the streets of Santa Barbara for a couple of hours. It was a lovely city to be lost in, and we wandered through a park, walked a labrynth in a churchyard, visited an old Mission, and eventually asked numerous yard workers how to get back to the right street. That dog was no help at all.

Andrew and I had a delicious breakfast at the Cajun Kitchen, i spilled my water on the counter, and we made our way up the coast a bit and then inland toward Fresno. It was a completely different landscape in the desert and we were really glad we veered off the path. We stopped at a couple of wineries and stayed the night at my aunt Kate's house in Visalia. I love seeing familiar faces when we are so far away from home. She had pizza waiting on us when we arrived.

On day 3 we visited Yosemite, and it was one of the prettiest places I have ever seen.
We did some hiking, did some tour bus riding (stinky!), and ate dinner at the Happy Burger diner. That evening we rolled into Monterey later than late, couldn't find a hotel with vacancies, and ended up staying in the Discovery Inn for $54. It was a pretty cute little place, and I couldn't stop laughing as Andrew checked us in through a window with bars on it. I guess the area was so dodgy they couldn't let people into the lobby. This happens so often; Andrew has to do all the talking because I can't compose myself long enough to handle anything.

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