Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're #1! Oolitic

I had a very relaxing weekend. My friend Mandy's dog, Lola, came to stay with us all weekend, so Maxwell has been very entertained. Saturday morning I went to Pygmalion and bought some watercolor paints and blank postcards so we can document our honeymoon memories via watercolor. Then I drove to Bedford and got an Annette Morris honeymoon pedicure special, followed by an appearance in the Oolitic Parade. The Funtime Band was in full swing, and mom and I rode on the back of the truck and played cowbell and tambourine and threw candy, and had a grand time. I got to pet a baby pig that was all wrapped up in a towel. We won a giant trophy for being the #1 float in the entire parade, and it was nice to see Sweet Cheeks so happy (see above photo with his parade day hair). I got a little nervous when Andrew brought the trophy home and put it on the mantle, but then I suggested that it go in Jim's china cabinet with all of the other Funtime awards, and peace was restored.

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