Sunday, September 12, 2010

Never Order the Same Thing

Thursday I met with Kevin and Steve for our Every Second Thursday lunch. We are trying to switch up our locations, so this week we went to Roots on the square, which was deliciously earthy. I had the portobello sandwich with spinach and cheese and sweet potato fries. My first inclination was to order the black bean burger but Kevin and Steve already ordered it and I don't like to order the same thing as someone else at the table, so I can try as many foods as possible. In retrospect, I should have gotten that black bean burger. I decided from that moment on that I would stop living by my "never order the same thing" rule. Andrew and I went to La Cha last night and I wasn't ready to order but I was starving so I pretended I knew what I wanted so the waiter wouldn't have to come back. I just ordered what Andrew got because it sounded pretty good, and then we decided that was ridiculous that we had two burritos, two quesadillas, and two orders of beans between us. I have reversed my decision.

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  1. Sometimes you want a burrito and sometimes you want two. Live it Michelle!